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Sintered wire mesh
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Sintered wire mesh

Product Overview: sintered metal mesh filter main filter using a standard four-sintered wire mesh and five sintering network. Standard five sintered stainless steel mesh is five by the superposition of the vacuum sintering. With a filter made of it, with strong corrosion resistance, good permeability, high strength, easy to clean and anti-cleaning, filtration precision precise, clean and hygienic filter, screen and other features do not fall off.
Connection: standard interfaces (eg 222,220,226), fast interface connections, threaded connection, flange connection, connecting rod, special custom interfaces.
Applications: Used in polyester filters, water treatment, oil, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, chemicals, starch, chemical products, and high-temperature air filtration and other media.

Features: 1, multi-layer sintered metal mesh is made of stainless steel wire mesh through a special multi-layer laminated pressing, vacuum sintering of a new type of filter material has high mechanical strength and rigidity of the whole

       2, high strength, high filtration precision, rigidity, mesh shape stability.

       3, with excellent filtering accuracy, filter resistance, mechanical strength, abrasion resistance, heat resistance and are processed, integrated performance is superior to other types of filter material.

Advantages: 1) standard five-layer network by the protective layer, the accuracy of the control layer, distribution layer and the reinforcing layer composed of a multilayer;

       2) High strength: after five sintered wire mesh, having a high mechanical strength and compressive strength;

       3) High precision: on 2-200um filter size may play a uniform surface filtration performance;

       4) Heat resistance: can be durable for continuous filtration of up to 650 degrees from -200 degrees;

       5) Cleaning: As the use of countercurrent excellent cleaning effect of the surface structure filter cleaning simple.

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