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Qingdao Lehler Filtration Technology Co., Ltd. is a commitment to R & D mesh stainless steel wedge filter, paint pressure sieve, bags and other products, production and services integrated companies. Lerner specialized in producing high-quality stainless steel filter element for filtration and separation of various key sectors.

Lehler has imported advanced production equipment, perfect testing methods and quality assurance system, the company has passed ISO9001-2008 quality management system certification. The main products used in water treatment and liquid handling, self-cleaning filter and solid-liquid separation, in food and beverage processing, pulp and paper, water wells, petroleum refining and petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology.

Lehler use of advanced product development, engineering design, high level of production capacity for our customers products and solutions tailored to the highest price, to meet customer demand for filters without fundamentally. Product sales and service network covering the whole country and exported to Europe, America, Japan, Korea, Brazil, Southeast Asia and Taiwan and other countries and regions. Lerner, who will be the most advanced equipment, the best quality aftermarket, providing customers with a full range of services, we aspire to be a leader in the filtration industry!

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